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Background Track: "No Way" by Michael & Regina Winans; from their album "Always Remember";  © (p) 1999, MCG Records. All Rights Reserved.
The Winans Family have collectively won a total of over 35 Grammy® Awards. They went on a family tour in 1991, and went on a second family tour in 2001.
This would be nice to see: A live album released by The Winans Family, in which the various Winans family members sing, duet... NOW THIS would definitely be a must-get album!
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The Winans Family from Left to Right in the picture below: Benjamin "BeBe", Priscilla "CeCe", Delores "Mom", David "Pop", Debra "Debbie", Angelique "Angie", Michael, Ronald, Carvin, and Marvin (The Winans), Daniel, Michael Jr., Carvin III, Marvin Jr., and Juan Winans (Winans Phase 2)

The Winans Family
See above for individual names.

The Winans Family Members


David "Pop" Winans - the patriarch of the Winans Family, has a group with his wife Delores called "Mom & Pop Winans". He is now a solo artist on Against The Flow Records, and his first album ("Pop Winans & The Winanaires" which features Marvin Winans and Winans Phase 2) was released in 1998. It sounds very much like he is featured on The Winans' track "If I Labor".  He passed in 2009.


Delores "Mom" Winans - the matriarch of The Winans family, second half of the group "Mom & Pop Winans". She is a solo artist on Against The Flow Records. She released her first album in 1999, entitled "An Affair To Remember". She has appeared on The Winans' albums (Let My People Go and Introducing the Winans) in background choirs, and on one of CeCe Winans' albums. She was featured in the movie "The Gospel".


David Winans, Jr. - The oldest of the Winans siblings. He was a secular artist and appeared on The Winans' album Let My People Go as a guitarist. He sung with The Winans before Michael Winans joined the group (definitely before they were signed on Light Records).


Ronald "Ron" Winans (1955 - 2005) - He was the oldest member of the group "The Winans", and the 2nd oldest of the Winans siblings. He was known for his deep voice and his leading of such songs as "Uphold Me", "Gonna Be Alright", "Redeemed", "Next To Me", "Please Believe In Me" (which is one of my Winans favorites), and "He Said Go", among others. He was a songwriter and producer, and also had released 5 Family and Friends choral projects. He appeared on the albums of Sounds of Blackness (on their album Soul Symphony), Kelli Williams, Jacky Clark-Chisolm, BeBe & CeCe Winans, BeBe Winans, Mom & Pop Winans, Vickie Winans, Carman, and more. He released his last album in 2005, which included guests such as Gladys Knight, Marvin Winans, BeBe Winans, CeCe Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Rance Allen, Lena Starks, Marcus Cole and more.


Carvin Winans (II) - The third oldest of all of the Winans, Marvin's twin brother, and 2nd oldest person in the group. Has the high falsetto voice in the group. He and his wife Deborah Winans (not Debbie Winans) wrote the song "Tomorrow". He is known for such songs as "When You Cry", "Universal Love", "Love Will Never Die", and "Tomorrow", which he song with his brother Michael Winans. He is (or was?) the manager of the group Winans Phase 2 during the production of their album We Got Next. He and Kim Fields have a solo album called Gospel Buggy, that was released in 1990. He has appeared on the albums of Kenny Loggins, Tamia, Michelle Williams, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and The Soundtrack of White Men Can't Jump. His songs have appeared on the albums of Vincent Henry, Ron Winans, Peabo Bryson, Paul Jackson, Jr.,and others. He recenlty appeared with his family on the Hurricane Relief album Come Together Now released in 2005. 
He has a couple nice recent videos on both where he sings "Tomorrow" in at the University of Toronto, the other a partial duet with Brain McKnight, where Brian plays the piano and Carvin sings (regretfully the author didn't realize that what she recorded was only the beginning...


Marvin Winans - The somewhat "leader" of the Winans' group. He has done much of the group's songwriting. He is Carvin Winans' twin brother, and the 4th oldest of all of the 10 Winans children. He is known for such songs as "Restoration", "If Ever I Fall", "Bring Back The Days of Yea and Nay" (for which he won a Grammy for Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male), "If I Labor", "Ain't No Need To Worry", "Don't Leave Me", and pehaps the most popular of his songs, "The Question Is", and many others. He is the pastor of Perfecting Praise church in Detroit, Michigan. Marvin Winans & the Perfected Praise Choir have made two albums so far, "Introducing Perfecting Praise", released in 1992 and the latest in 2001 (on Against The Flow Records). It includes hits such as "More of Thee", "I'm Free", "Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight", "Friends", and "Yet Praise (Reprise)" featuring "Detroit's Own" (according to Marvin) Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Karen Clark-Sheard. He has appeared, produced, wrote songs, engineered, and sung on the projects of MANY artists such as those of Michael Jackson, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Stevie Wonder, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Andrae Crouch, Fred Hammond, Tim Bowman, Kirk Franklin, Helen Baylor, and more.
A compilation of his songs was released by Artemis Gospel in 2006, entitled The Songs of Marvin Winans, which features various artists such as Vickie Winans, Howard Smith, Mom Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and other artists (including The Winans, of course) singing songs written by Marvin Winans.
He released his first SOLO album, Alone But Not Alone, on September 25, 2007!
Marvin Winans new album features his brothers Carvin Winans ("My Story") and the late Ronald Winans ("He Brought Joy"), and also features Kim Burrell ("I Will Try") and newcomer (16-year-old) DeShondra Rideout  ("I Will Never") in duets, as well as The Winans, Debra Winans-Lowe, Juan Winans (of Winans Phase 2), Take 6 (on "I Will Try"), Darwin Hobbs, and producer Tommy Sims as some of the background vocals on the album.
Marvin Winans and Tommy Sims (Marvin Winans' new producer "for the rest of [his] life") produced this album.
Some of the nice tracks on this album are "Come In Out of the Rain", "Peace & Love", "Alone But Not Alone", "I Will Never", and "My Story".
He has recently been featured in "The House of Payne" on television, and Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself".


Michael Winans -  the youngest member "The Winans", and the 5th oldest of the Winans siblings. Some songs that he has written are "This Time It's Personal", "Heaven Belongs To You", "Next to Me", "I Dedicate My Love", "No Way", and "Standing On Promises". He is known for leading in such songs as "Tomorrow", "I Know Someone", "This Time It's Personal", "Standing On Promises", and "What Can I Say?", among other songs. He has released two albums with his wife, Regina Winans (as Michael & Regina Winans) Always Remember and Be Yourself. He has appeared on the albums of Orlando Wright, Andraé Crouch, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Vickie Winans, The Original Sundtrack of White Men Can't Jump along with his brother Carvin, Michael Jackson (along with The Winans), and his songs appear on Daniel Winans' Not In My House and Fred Hammond's first album, I Am Persuaded ("That's What I'll Do (To Keep On Lovin' You)" - a nice song!!)


Daniel Winans - the 6th out of the 10 Winans siblings. Was a part of the group Winans Part II, which included BeBe, CeCe, Vickie, and Marvie Wright before it broke up. He was a guest on The Winans' album Heart & Soul, on the song "Standing on Promises" which sounds like he is the lead singer (though the liner notes state that Michael is the lead singer). He released an album called Daniel Winans & Second Half, and his first solo album from Tribute Records in 1991,  with help from different Winans family members, Howard Smith, Parkes Stewart, Fred Hammond, Mitchell Jones, & Michael Williams, Eric Brice (the latter five are Commissioned-related), and others. He released his second album, Not In My House, from Glorious Music in 1994, and has since released others. Since Ronald's death, he has been spotted singing with The Winans, and also spoke on the Winans Family's behalf at the Stellar Awards, he even sang a portion of his song "Countdown".


Benjamin "BeBe" Winans - a brother of the Winans; the 7th oldest child. Is known for performing with his sister CeCe Winans (BeBe & CeCe Winans), with Winans Part II (which included CeCe, Vickie Winans, and Marvie Wright), the PTL singers, and for his solo albums such as Love & Freedom, and Live and Up Close (those two are from Motown Records). He was a background vocalist/vocalist for The Winans on their albums, as Tomorrow (on the song "Golden Opportunity" as a vocalist), Let My People Go, All Out (One can hear his voice on "He Said Go"), and Heart & Soul (though he's not listed as a vocal in the liner notes, he can be singing this: "Yeah, Yeah... Say It Yeah... And I Wanna Say" which is heard on the song "Yeah Yeah Yeah" which he co-wrote with Marc C. Harris).  Some of the albums that he has appeared on are those of Percy Bady, Yolanda Adams, Margaret Bell, Bob Carlisle, Bobby Brown, Carman, Gladys Knight, Steven Curtis Chapman, Whitney Houston, and Hezekiah Walker, and his songs also appear on the albums of Take 6, Tata Vega, Ron Winans, Gladys Knight, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and many others. He has an online radio show (which can be found online and accessed through Windows Media Player - The BeBe Winans Radio Show). His latest album is entitled Cherch. He appeared on the movie The Manchurian Candidate, in which Denzel Washington stars. BeBe plays one of the FBI agents who are interrogating Denzel Washington's character.


Priscilla "CeCe" Winans - One of the Winans' sisters; the 8th of the 10 total siblings. She is the other half of the group BeBe & CeCe Winans, has sung with Winans Part II, and the PTL singers, and is currently a solo artist, recently releasing her seventh solo album, Purified.  Some of the artists that she has sung with are The Clark Sisters, Andrae Crouch, Margaret Bell, Bobby Brown, Take 6, Whitney Houston, Steven Curtis Chapman, Stephanie Mills, Billy and Sarah Gaines, and more. She is married to Alvin Love and has children. She won a Grammy award (winning over her brother BeBe, who was also nominated) in 2006.
BeBe & CeCe Winans have released their new album Still and are on tour with Marvin Winans and Mary Mary.


Angelique "Angie" Winans - the 9th of the Winans siblings; did backgrounding vocals on The Winans' album Let My People Go, and also on a few of BeBe and CeCe's albums. She and her sister Debbie Winans have a group together (Angie & Debbie Winans), with their self-titled debut released from Capitol Records in 1993. She decided to go solo in 2001, Releasing her album, Melodies of My Heart, from Diamante Music. She has her own record label, Against The Flow Records, and has collaborated much with both her husband and her brother-in-law, producers and musicians, Cedric Caldwell and Victor Caldwell. She has appeared on the albums of Bobby Brown, Darwin Hobbs, Donnie McClurkin, Michelle Williams, Kelli Williams, and more.


Debra "Debbie" Renee Winans-Lowe - She is to be releasing an album according to her website! She is the youngest of the Winans siblings and has a very nice jazzy alto/tenor voice. She sung background vocals for the Winans on their albums Let My People Go (on "Choose Ye" in the background choir) and All Out (on "Money Motive" her and Carvin singing basically the whole song) and on some of BeBe & CeCe Winans' albums as a background vocal with her sister Angie (notably on "Addictive Love"). She and her sister released their first album in 1993. Debbie recently appeared on two of her brother BeBe's albums, on his self-titled 1997 release and also on his album Live and Up Close, on the very nice, very smooth Medley of songs. She has also appeared on the albums of Ron Winans (album: Family & Friends IV; song: "Totally Dependent on You"), Helen Baylor, The Clark Sisters, Ben Tankard, Vickie Winans, 5 Young Men, Beverly Crawford, and more. She is married to James Lowe and has children. She has planned to released a children's album, Frooty Fruits. (Her name is similar to that of Carvin Winans' wife, who is also named Debra -- AND BeBe Winans' estranged wife, also named Debra D. Winans).

Other Notable Family Members


Vickie Winans - is a singer who was part of the Winans Part II (not to be confused with the Winans Phase 2), along with Marvie Wright, Daniel, BeBe, and CeCe Winans. She released her first album Be Encouraged in 1985 from Light Records. She is now an artist with Verity Records. She, according to, has apperead on the Grammy Awards, Oprah, Arsenio Hall, Queen Latifah, and The Pat Sajak Show. She is the mother of Mario and Marvin Winans, Jr. She is the brother of guitarist Tim Bowman. Her next album, a double-disc set entitled, WOMAN TO WOMAN: SONGS OF LIFE, which follows her last album Bringing It All Togetheris set for release on August 8, 2006.

Deborah (Debra) Winans - the wife of Carvin Winans. Helped Carvin Winans write a few of The Winans' early songs such as "Tomorrow" and "Perfect Love". (Debra is also the name of the youngest of the Winans siblings - they are two different people)

Michael Winans & Family
From Top to Bottom: Michael Winans, Michael Winans Jr., LaShay Winans, Regina Winans

Regina Winans - the wife of Michael Winans and the one half of the group "Michael & Regina Winans". They have two albums, Always Remember, which was released in 2000, and Be Encouraged. She appeared on Ron Winans' Family & Friends 4 as the lead vocalist of the song "Don't Let Go".

Sybil Winans - The wife of Daniel Winans, who co-wrote some of Daniel Winans' music.


Cedric Caldwell, Victor Caldwell - the super producer/instrumentalist team of brothers, one of whom (Cedric Caldwell) is married to Angie Winans, who have a recording company called Against The Flow Records. The brothers have released one album, entitled As We Bop, under the group name Caldwell Plus (They're production company is called Caldwell Plus Productions). They have done projects with many Winans family members and other artists and groups such as Beverly Crawford, Take 6, Darwin Hobbs, Marvin Sapp, Willie Norwood, and as recently as October 2004, Smokie Norful.


Tim Bowman - guitarist!!!   He has quite a few nice albums!
Some of my favorites are "Sweet Sundays", "Summer Groove", "Give Me You" and "Go That Extra Mile" (sound familiar??).
He is a brother of Vickie Winans. Played on The Winans' album Let My People Go, his first performance on a mainstream album. He has also appeared on the albums of Vickie Winans, Commissioned, Men of Standard, Fred Hammond, Ben Tankard, Shea Norman, and many others. For more information on Tim Bowman, also see the Related Artists page!

Third-Generation Winans
(Those who are credited only)


Mario ("Skeeter", "Yellowman") Winans - the oldest son of Ronald Brown (COGIC minister, has a some nice down-home praise albums) and Vickie Winans. He took on Marvin Winans surname at a young age.  He is an R&B singer and producer on Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' record label Bad Boy Records, and has worked with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs,  Vickie Winans, Jennifer Lopez, R. Kelly, Fred Hammond, The Clark Sisters, and more.


Carvin Winans III - the oldest son of Carvin and Deborah Winans, and the brother of Juan and Joy Winans. He is a part of Winans Phase 2. I think that he is currently doing a stage play with his father and Juan?


Marvin "Coconut" Winans Jr. - His first album, Image of A Man, now has a distribution company (according to his website). He is the second son of Marvin Winans and Vickie Winans. He was featured in the music video of Vickie Winans' "Long As I Got King Jesus". He is a part of the group Winans Phase 2. He was also a producer and background vocalist on his mother's (Vickie Winans') album Bringing It All Together, and also appeared on Fred Hammond's Something 'Bout Love album as a background vocalist. His company is called M2 Entertainment. He is married and has a child.


Juan Winans - the youngest (?) son of Carvin and Deborah Winans. A part of  Winans Phase 2. He sings with The Winans Family on the album Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now.


Michael Winans, Jr. - son of Michael and Regina Winans, brother of LaShay Winans. He has a secular R&B album out -- and record company Only Me records. He is a member of the Winans Phase 2.
Sadly, he is currently under investigation, along with other family members involving an alleged get rich church Ponzi scheme.

Joy Winans - daughter of Carvin and Debrorah Winans, helped write "Come On Over", which is featured on Winans Phase 2's album We Got Next.
LaShay Winans - daughter of Michael and Regina Winans

Different Winans Groups
(Groups, not solo artists, are listed below this point)

Ronald, Michael, Carvin, and Marvin Winans

The Winans were comprised of four brothers: Marvin Winans, Carvin Winans, Michael Winans, and Ronald Winans, who passed in 2005. The Winans were a chart-topping, five-time Grammy® winning Contemporary Gospel group, who won many Stellar® and Dove® awards. The Winans were formerly called the Testimonial Singers (which then included Howard Smith and other members, even quite a few women) in the 70s, before they were discovered by Andraé Crouch. David Winans II was even a member before Michael Winans was. They are said to have paved the way for groups such as Commissioned and Anointed, and have led the way in knocking down the barriers between Gospel and secular music, and were one of Gospel's first "boy bands" (laugh, laugh). They have released 10 original mainstream albums thus far, Introducing the Winans (1981, Light Records), Long Time Comin' (Holdin On) (1983, Light Records), Tomorrow (1984, Light Records), Let My People Go (1985, Qwest Records), Decisions (1987, Qwest Records), Live At Carnegie Hall (1988, Qwest/Warner Brothers Records), "Lean On Me", from the Lean on Me soundtrack (1989, Warner Brothers Records), Return (1990, Qwest/ Warner Brothers Records), All Out (1993, Qwest/Warner Brothers Records), and Heart & Soul (1995, Qwest/Warner Brothers Records). The Winans released their first compilation of both their Light Records combined with their Qwest Records hits on April 16, 2002.

Winans Part II - A Winans spin-off group that included BeBe & CeCe Winans, Daniel Winans, Vickie Winans, and Marvie Wright. They had a friendly rivalry with the Testimonial Singers (the name of the group that inbcluded The Winans and Howard Smith back in the 1970s).


BeBe & CeCe Winans - They are (according to to be recording a new album and touring. A popular award-winning group, composed of brother-sister duo, Benjamin "BeBe" Winans and Priscilla "CeCe" Winans. They have released many albums (from EMI/Sparrow/Capitol Records) starting in 1985 with Lord Lift Us Up until they released their last (partially) original album in 1996 (Greatest Hits - released from EMI/Sparrow Records). Some of their hits songs are "Addictive Love", "Lost Without You", "Heaven" (featuring Alvin Chea of Take 6), "Celebrate New Life" (featuring Whitney Houston), "I'll Take You There" (featuring Mavis Staples), "Meantime" (featuring members of the Winans family), "Love Said Not So" (which features The Winans as background vocalists), "Intro/Count It All Joy" (featuring The Katinas as background vocalists), and "He's Always There" (featuring Kirk Whalum and Paul Jackson, Jr.).


Mom & Pop Winans - the parents of the Winans siblings. The have made two albums on Capitol records (what was around then the same recording company of BeBe & CeCe, as well as Angie & Debbie). Their debut album, which was self-titled (Mom & Pop Winans) was released in 1989, and their second album (shown on the left), For the Rest of My Life, was released in 1991.

Angie & Debbie Winans - the youngest of the Winans siblings, Angie & Debbie Winans released their first album on Capitol Records in 1993. It included production from Benjamin "BeBe" Winans, Steve Harvey, Gary Brown and Carvin Winans, and features Carvin and Marvin Winans, BeBe Winans, Alvin Chea (of Take 6), and Boney James, who plays the saxophone on "Father, Father". They released a second album, Bold, from Central Gospel records in 1997, which was a bit controversial because of the lyrics on "Not Natural". The most popular song on this album is probably "I Believe".


Michael & Regina Winans - group composed of Michael Winans and his wife, Regina Winans. They have released two albums together so far entitled Always Remember, released in 1999 from MCG Records, and Be Yourself.  Some songs from Always Remember that I personally like are "No Way", "Together (We Will Be)", and  "I Dedicate My Love".
This album features Howard Smith, Carvin Winans, Debbie Winans-Lowe, and others as background vocals.


Winans Phase 2 - 3rd generation Winans Gospel group comprised of Marvin Winans Jr. (son of Marvin and Vickie Winans), Michael Winans Jr. (son of Michael and Regina Winans), Carvin Winans III and Juan Winans (sons of Carvin and Debra Winans). They have one album so far, entitled We Got Next, which was released in two versions, one from Sony, and one version from Myrrh records. They both contain tracks such as "Let Him In", "Everyday Away", "Who Do You Love?", and a remake of the Bee Gee's "Too Much Heaven", though only the Sony version features the remix of "Real Love". This is a nice album. (I wonder if and when they will release a follow-up???) It was said in 2004 that the Winans nephews will release songs on a new Winans record label. More details hopefully soon.

A picture of Ron, Marvin, and BeBe Winans in 1987.

The Winans with BeBe Winans
From L to R: BeBe, Marvin, Ronald, Carvin, Michael Winans


Ron Winans with Oprah Winfrey and BeBe Winans

Winans Family

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