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Background Track: "Heaven Belongs To You" by The Winans; Lead vocals: Ronald, Michael, Carvin, Marvin Winans (written by Marvin, Michael and Regina Winans; from the album All Out)
All Out
Qwest Records / Warner Brothers Records
Released on August 24, 1993
Executive Producers: Quincy Jones and Barry Hankerson
Payday (featuring R. Kelly), It's Not Heaven If You're Not There (featuring Lalah Hathaway), If He Doesn't Come Tonight (featuring Ricky Van Shelton), That Extra Mile (featuring R. Kelly), Tradewinds (featuring Michael McDonald), All You've Ever Been Was Good, Money Motive, Love Will Never Die (featuring Kenny Loggins), Heaven Belongs To You, He Said Go (featuring BeBe Winans as a background vocalist)

The opener, "Payday" features R. Kelly. This song was written by Carvin Winans and Wayman Tisdale, and was also produced by R. Kelly.  The Winans as a whole sound harmonized around the end (lyric: "Keep Movin'...Don't Stop Now").

"It's Not Heaven If You're Not There" features Lalah Hathaway in a duet with Marvin Winans.

Ricky Van Shelton's is featured in a duet with Marvin Winans on the song "If He Doesnt Come Tonight".  Ricky Van Shelton brings a  touch of Country music to this song.  It sounds nice, I like the piano, guitar, and the tone of this song.

"That Extra Mile" is an most definetly an inspirational song, one of the album's best songs! It starts with a beautiful piano piece, followed up with some nicely arranged music. Ronald and R. Kelly are the lead singers on this song and it sounds NICE! I feel that this can easily be one of the best tracks on this album. The beats up sounds really NICE!

"Tradewinds" was written Michael McDonald, and has nice strong tenor and background vocals. An alright song.

"All You've Ever Been Was Good" sounds pretty good. I like the horns on this song! Marvin really sings this song! I like the lyrics and music! The music will make you want to dance!

The next track, "Money Motive" doesn't really have that "click" - It's lyrics make a good point, but the lyrics and the music don't flow in my opinion. It doesn't even feature all of the Winans, just Carvin and his younger sister Debra "Debbie" Winans.

"Love Will Never Die" is a nice track, a duet of Carvin Winans and Kenny Loggins, and I wouldn't have realized that Michael was the only background vocal in this song if I hadn't read the album information. He does a nice job. This is a nice song - The tenor sax sounds nice at the end.

"Heaven Belongs To You" is one of my longtime favorites on this album. Though arguably not the best, I still like it. All of the Winans sound good on this song. This song was written by Marvin, Michael, and Regina Winans.

"He Said Go" is sung nicely by Ronald Winans and features BeBe Winans as a guest background vocalist. This is a nice song to sit down and listen to. I'm not sure, but I think that this song's lyrics were meant to parallel with those of "Please Believe In Me" also sung by Ronald, on The Winans' album Heart & Soul".

My favorite tracks on this album are "Heaven Belongs To You", "Payday",  "All You've Ever Been", "He Said Go", "Love Will Never Die", and "That Extra Mile".



Payday, It's Not Heaven If You're Not There, That Extra Mile, All You've Ever Been Was Good, Love Will Never Die, Heaven Belongs To You, He Said Go

Album Credits:

Al Turner - Bass
Barry Hankerson - Executive Producer
BeBe Winans - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ben Garrison - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Buster Maybury - Drums, Drums (Snare)
Carvin Winans - Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Dahlen - Photography
David McMurray - Saxophone
David Spencer - Trumpet
Debra Winans - Vocals (Background)
Dorenne Stramler - Engineer, Mixing
Eddie Bayers - Drums, Drums (Snare)
Edwin Nicholas - Drums, Drums (Snare), Keyboards, Overdubs, Programming, Sequencing
Edwin Williams - Trombone
Freddie Washington - Bass
Gerald LeVert - Arranger, Producer, Vocal Arrangements
Gerard Smerek - Engineer, Mixing
Greg Phillinganes - Arranger, Piano, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer
Hank Ford - Saxophone
James Perkins - Saxophone
Jim Slattery - Keyboards
John "J.R." Robinson - Drums, Drums (Snare)
John Willis - Guitar (Electric)
Johnny Mandel - Arranger, Orchestral Arrangements, Producer
Keith Andes - Keyboards
Kenny Loggins - Vocals
Lafayette Carthon, Jr. - Organ, Piano
Lalah Hathaway - Main Performer on Various Artists Album, Vocals
Mario Winans - Drum Programming, Keyboards, Producer, Programming
Marshall Morgan - Engineer
Marvin Winans - Mixing, Piano, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mary Ann Dibs - Art Direction, Design
Michael J. Powell - Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Percussion, Producer
Michael Manson - Bass (Electric)
Michael Winans - Vocals (Background)
Orbert Davis - Trumpet
Paul D. Allen - Assistant Engineer
Paul David Wilson - Arranger, Horn Arrangements
Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitar (Baritone)
Pete Tokar - Engineer, Mixing
Peter Mokran - Engineer, Mixing, Programming
Quincy Jones - Executive Producer
R. Kelly - Main Performer on Various Artists Album, Mixing, Multi Instruments, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Randy McCormick - Keyboards
Ray Kelley - Producer, Vocals (Background)
Ricky Van Shelton - Main Performer on Various Artists Album, Vocals
Ron Winans - Vocals
Stefon Taylor - Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Steve Berry - Trombone
Steve Buckingham - Mixing, Producer
Steve Eisen - Saxophone
Steve Gibson - Guitar (Electric)
The Winans - Main Performer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Toby Sean - Assistant Engineer
Tom Robb - Bass
Tommy Vicari - Engineer, Mixing
Toney Nicholas - Producer
Vernon D. Fails - Piano
Vincent Herbert - Mixing, Producer

The Winans from Left to Right: (sitting) Carvin, Marvin, (sitting) Michael, Ronald


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