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The Winans: Live In Concert

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Background Track: "J-E-S-U-S" by The Winans; lead vocal on this sample Marvin Winans; song written by Marvin Winans (this song also features Ronald Winans as a lead vocalist); from their video "Live In Concert" (copyrighted/produced by Reubenbarry Records, 1989) Due to technical difficulties, the Sound Quality on the background track is worse than on the actual "Live In Concert" video
Live In Concert
Reubenberry Records (1989)
This video was not released as an album, but it is VERY NICE!!!!
It features Vanessa Bell Armstrong who sings Always (one of her own songs) and appears on the last song, Restoration, along with The Winans.
The video's sound quality is not as good as Live At Carnegie Hall's album quality.
J-E-S-U-S is hands down my favorite song on this album (if you have heard Vickie Winans' version, the lyrics are similar, but The Winans sing and play it much better on this video!!). (There is an earlier performance by Marvin Winans of this song on YouTube)
The Winans made QUITE A PERFORMANCE!!!
Preshow: If Ever I Fall
1. Perfect Love (Short Opener)
2. The Question Is
3. Breaking of Day
4. Straighten My Life Out
5. Always - by Vanessa Bell Armstrong
6. Love Is A Spirit
7. Medley (Are We Really Doing Your Will, Finders Keepers, Long Time Comin' (Holdin' On), You Are Everything To Me, For We May Never Know)
8. Millions
9. Everything You Touch Is A Song
10. Very Real Way
11. Real Meaning of Xmas
12. I Wanna Be Ready
13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
14. Tomorrow
15. Worship Medley - Tomorrow (reprise)
16. J-E-SU-S
17. Restoration featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong
Steven Ford played some of the keyboards/synthesizers on this video, as he also performed on Live At Carnegie Hall, and Return: Live In Concert.

All Taken from Video - 1988 Reubenbarry Records
Do Not Use These Pictures Without Permission

Michael Winans singing "Everything You Touch Is A Song"

A Picture of the Winans singing J-E-S-U-S

Ron Winans singing "Everything You Touch Is A Song"

The Winans dancing while singing "Restoration"

The Winans singing "Everything You Touch Is A Song"


Marvin Winans

Carvin Winans singing "Everything You Touch Is A Song"

Marvin Winans singing (Michael Winans in the background)

The Winans singing "Restoration" with Vanessa Bell Armstrong at the far left

Steven Ford playing keybords

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