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Background Track: "Give Me You" by The Winans; Lead vocal: Ronald Winans (heard on this sample) and Marvin Winans (written by Marvin Winans; from their album Decisions (copyright/produced by Qwest Records (distributed by Warner Brothers Records, 1987))
Qwest Records (1987)
Produced by Marvin Winans
Co-Produced by Barry Hankerson, Carvin Winans, Michael Winans, and Ronald Winans
Executive Producers: Quincy Jones, Barry Hankerson, and Benny Medina
This album had many of the successes of its predecessor, Let My People Go. Released in 1987 from Qwest Records, It was released in two versions, the first with Elton John's  "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me", and the second and more circulated version, which replaced this song with The Winans' X-mas track (This may have happened because of legal woes with Elton John). The first track, "Ain't No Need To Worry" was sung with Anita Baker, with special guest background vocals Melvin and Doug Williams. "Millions" is a beautiful track, speaking about making it to heaven, as you can hear the sounds of each of the Winans singing. I like the bassy ending. "Breaking of Day" is a joyous song, and it actually contains some of the third-generation Winans children (even some of the present Winans Phase 2 when they were younger, as well as some of their sisters also). "Right, Left In A Wrong World" was another favorite of mine (I like how it sounds on the Winans' video "Return" even better). "Love Has No Color" features an appearance of Michael McDonald. "Give Me You" was an early favorite of mine, along with the song "How Can You Live Without Christ?". The bass guitar playing on this album was pretty exceptional and very enjoyable. "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" is pretty nice (though not as nice as it is featured on the Live In Concert video).

This album reached #1 on Billboard Gospel Charts
"Ain't No Need To Worry" reached #15 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Chart, among other accomplishments.

Loris Holland: Keyboards

Thomas A. Whitfield: Keyboards

Wayne Lindsey: Keyboards

John Bokowski: Keyboards

Laythan Armor: Synthesizers, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Michael Rochelle: Synthesizers, Keyboards

Greg Phillinganes: Synthesizers, Keyboards

Hadley Hockensmith: Guitar

Dean Parks: Guitar

Andrew Gouché: Bass

Lanar “Kern” Brantley: Bass

Abraham Laboriel: Bass

Dean Ghant: Bass

Bill Maxwell: Drums

Ollie E. Brown: Percussion, Drums

Alejandro “Alex” Acuña: Percussion

Michael Winans: Percussion

Barry Hankerson: Percussion

Justo Almario: Woodwinds


Guest Vocals:

Anita Baker (“Ain’t No Need To Worry”)

Michael McDonald (“Love Has No Color”)


Additional Vocals

Doug Williams & Melvin Williams (“Ain’t No Need To Worry”)

Children’s Voices on “Breaking of Day”

Mario Winans, LaShay Winans; Michael Winans, Jr., Juan Winans, Joy Winans


Background Vocals:

Angie Winans, Debbie Winans, Regina Winans, BeBe Winans, Victor Adams, Fred Hammond, Kevin Jackson, Celeste McKinney, Kevin Session, DeWayne Whitehead, Jerome Earl Wright


Arranged & Conducted By Wayne Lindsey
Engineered By Barney Perkins & Win Kutz * Mixed By Victor Flores & George Black
Recorded At Selah Recording Studio, Detroit, Mi

All Credits:

Abraham Laboriel - Bass
Alejandro "Alex" Acuña
- Percussion
Andrew Gouche
- Bass
Angelique Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Anita Baker
- Vocals
Barney Perkins
- Engineer, Mixing
Barry Hankerson
- Executive Producer, Percussion, Producer
BeBe Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Benny Medina
- Executive Producer
Bill Maxwell
- Drums
Carvin Winans
- Producer, Vocals (Background)
Celeste McKinney
- Vocals (Background)
Craig Bervage
- Engineer
Dean Ghant
- Bass
Dean Parks
- Guitar
Debra Winans
- Vocals (Background)
DeWayne Whitehead
- Vocals (Background)
Doug Williams
- Vocals
Fred Hammond
- Vocals (Background)
Greg Phillinganes
- Synthesizer
Hadley Hockensmith
- Guitar
Harlan Rogers
- Keyboards
Jerome Earl Wright
- Vocals (Background)
John Bokowski
- Keyboards
Joy Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Juan Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Justo Almario
- Horn
Karen Jones
- Coordination
Kevin Jackson
- Vocals (Background)
Kevin Session
- Vocals (Background)
Lanar Brantley
- Bass
LaShay Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Laythan Armor
- Drum Programming, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Loris Holland
- Keyboards
Mario Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Marvin Winans - Producer, Vocals

Mary Ann Dibs - Art Direction, Artwork
Melvin Williams
- Vocals
Michael McDonald
- Vocals
Michael Rochelle
- Keyboards, Synthesizer
Michael Winans
- Percussion, Producer
Michael Winans, Jr.
- Vocals (Background)
Ollie E. Brown
- Drums, Percussion
Quincy Jones
- Executive Producer
Regina Winans
- Vocals (Background)
Ron Winans
- Producer
Russell Comfort
- Photography
Steven King
- Engineer
The Winans
- Main Performer
Thomas Whitfield
- Keyboards
Victor Adams
- Vocals (Background)
Wayne Linsey
- Keyboards
Win Kutz - Engineer

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