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The Winans: Live At Carnegie Hall

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The Winans - Live At Carnegie Hall
To Bill: Thanks for the picture!!

Background Track: "Tomorrow" by The Winans; lead vocals: Carvin and Michael Winans; song written by Carvin and Deborah (Debra?) Winans; (from their album Live At Carnegie Hall (copyright/produced by Qwest/Warner Brothers Records, 1988)

Live At Carnegie Hall

Qwest Records (distributed by Warner Brothers Records) (1988)

ONE WORD - NICE. ANOTHER WORD - RARE. This is one of the best Winans albums! It is definetly the best of The Winans' live recordings, with the exception of a few tracks from their Live In Concert video, and Return: Live In Concert video (Live At Carnegie Hall is where some of their live routines stem from). According to, Marvin Winans is even looking for this album himself!

This album won The Winans a Grammy.


1. The Opener  - 3:24

  • Their opener was also sung by Marvin Winans on their later Return video, right before the song "When You Cry". Benjamin "Skip" Pruitt sounds good on the accompanying Soprano Saxophone (which is a basis for the later recording of the song on their Return video.

2. Breaking of Day - 4:13

  • Breaking of Day flows on right after the opening track. It doesn't quite have its Caribbean medley, but it does sound better than the original. I like it!

3. Redeemed - 4:31

  • This song sounds nice, and includes the introduction of the musicians and of The Winans. Ronald Winans sounds pretty good!

4. A Very Real Way - 7:33

  • I like the way that "A Very Real Way" is setup. I like it better than the original "Very Real Way" (notice that the Live At Carnegie Hall version is called "A Very Real Way" versus "Very Real Way", the title of the Let My People Go version.) If you don't have the album, but do have their Live In Concert video, the two songs are structured similarly (only Live At Carnegie Hall has a way better sound quality). This song sounds pretty good, and even includes the audience in the fun!

5. How Can You Live Without Christ? - 5:53

  • Thissong is lead by Carvin & Marvin Winans, and differs from the orignal in that Carvin returns to the lead singing somre nice riffs. Carvin sings this song, especially in the last half, where he uses riffs and scat in his singing. This is a must hear for "When You Cry" fans! 

6. Let My People Go - 5:12

  • This song is very similar to the version played by The Winans at the 1986 Stellar Awards. This song is a could be a nice change up from the regular version of Let My People Go, if you like synthesizers (played by Steven Ford).

7. Everything You Touch Is A Song - 5:06

  • This song resembles the version from Live In Concert, and has parts sung by Michael, Carvin, Ronald, Marvin Winans. A Nice song.

8. Ain't No Need To Worry - 7:06

  • A nice version of The Winans' Grammy-winning single! It features Carvin Winans singing the duet role with Marvin Winans instead of Anita Baker. I like Dana Davis' drum intro. Too much talking by Marvin in the middle of the song, but I do like how the bass guitar supports the song. The soprano saxophone played by Skip Pruitt makes this song sound a lot like the saxophone used in the original Decisions version, versus the Return: Live In Concert version.

9. Millions - 8:37

  • I think that Marvin messed up the beginning of this song... ("If I", "Through-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo that city bright and fair") Marvin really did oversing the beginning. Otherwise, the track was nice, but I wish that they had have kept the ad-lib "But I Was" at the end.

10. Uphold Me - 5:46

  • This song was lead by Ronald Winans, and is similar to the version of "Uphold Me" that was sung on the Return: Live In Concert video. The Caribbean music that it was put to would have sounded better with the lead guitar that they used on the latter version added to it (That would have been really nice!)

11. What A Friend We Have In Jesus - 4:52

  • This is not a song that was featured on one of the Winans' other albums, but it is a classic hymn. Marvin sings this song, and it was a smart idea to include the audience in singing the song in a choral fashion (this is probably what helped them win a Grammy for this album).

12. Tomorrow - 5:44

  • I have no complaints about this song, It is nice!! It isof course lead by Mchael and Carvin Winans (and also contains a line which is sung by Marvin!!). This is a really nice, Nice, NICE, NICE Song!!! Wow, wow, wow...

13. Restoration - 9:00

  • So this album is why Restoration seems to have two "versions". There is the original version of the song, and the "reprise" of the song, which I first saw on The Winans' Live In Concert video, and later on their Return: Live In Concert video. On this song, The Winans, led by Marvin, sing Restoration and even sing a sort of reprise version "I'm Glad About It", "I'll Sing About It"... If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to the song on The Winans' Live In Concert video, or even listen to Vickie Winans' version.

Overall, this album shows that it deserves the Grammy award that it received.


  • Saxophone: Benjamin "Skip" Pruitt
  • Keyboards: Benjamin Love
  • Synthesizers: Steven Ford
  • Drums: Dana Davis
  • Bass, Bass Synthesizer: Lanar "Kern" Brantley
  • Lead Guitar: Carl Robinson

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