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The Winans: The Lost Concert

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Background Track: "Restoration" by The Winans; Lead Vocal: Marvin Winans; track written by Marvin Winans; track originally from The Winans' album "Introducing The Winans", released in 1981 from Light Records
This Page is about The Winans' Lost Concert video.
I finally decided to put up a site about this video, since I looked on a website and it said that this video was also a DVD, so I decided that It should have a page on my site also. Hooray!!!

According to what I've read, This video was made around 1984, and was released on February 24, 1998., from Xenon.
According to what I remember of the story, The Winans "Lost Concert" was one that was lost for a long time, and after so many years was found on a shelf (if I'm remebering correctly).
Anyway, that's good news for Winans, Commissioned, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong fans.
This video first features Vanessa Bell Armstrong, followed by The Winans, and lastly, the Original Commissioned (Fred Hammond, Mitchell Jones, Keith Staten, Karl Reid, Michael Brooks, and Michael Williams).
Hopefully, more commentary soon... I'm still not finished with this NEW addition to my website.

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