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(When Will The Winans Make Another Album?) And More Winans News...

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(When Will The Winans Make Another Album?) And More Winans News...
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Alone But Not Alone
Marvin Winans' New Album

Background Track: "Tomorrow" by The Winans; lead vocals Michael Winans and Carvin Winans (not heard on this sample); from their album Tomorrow (copyright Light Records, 1984); written by Carvin and Deborah Winans
Marvin Winans' new solo album, Alone But Not Alone, was released on September 25, 2007!!!!
This album has been released on the same label as CeCe Winans and Marcus Cole (PureSprings Gospel).
Here's the tracklist: Alone But Not Alone, My Story, Just Don't Wanna Know, I Still Believe, Prelude, I Shall Never, Joy, I'm Over It Now, Come in Out of The Rain, Try, Peace & Love, Sinner's Prayer
This is a NICE album! I really like it a lot!  It features the late Ronald Winans, Carvin Winans, Kim Burrell, and newcomer DeShondra Rideout as soloists (including another person whose name I forgot...OOPS!). The background vocalists include Juan Winans, Debra "Debbie" Winans-Lowe, Darwin Hobbs, Take 6, and THE WINANS (among others).
My favorites so far are "Come in Out of The Rain", "Alone But Not Alone", "My Story", and "Peace & Love".
More Hoprefully Soon.
Marvin Winans, Jr.'s album was scheduled for release on December 28th... however, he needed a distribution company, according to his website. (He made a deal with one according to his website).
The creator of this website regretfully acknowledges the passing of Kayla D. Parker-Tolbert of the group Special Gift.  She was the lead singer on the song "More Than Just A Friend" (lyric: "I wanna be more than just a friend"; this song which was even remade by CeCe Winans).
She was a songwriter/performer on the various albums of people such as Marvin Winans (she sung "If God Said It", "Perfecting Church", others), Ron Winans' fourth solo album ("I Am the One"), Michelle Williams, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, BeBe Winans, and others.
The Question Is...  Will we ever see the release of another original album by The Winans?
Marvin Winans recently said that his album was near completion....
BeBe & CeCe Winans are set to return together with an album and tour, and were recently on the 2007 American Idol performing with Melinda Doolittle, according to

Pictures from Ron Winans' Family & Friends V

Ron Winans, Marcus Cole (of Commissioned), Agee Smith, Shawn Lemore, Rance Allen

Musicians & Choir
Musicians & Choir

Rance Allen
Rance Allen

BeBe Winans singing "Safe From Harm"

Marvin Winans singing "Can't Help But Love Him"

Gladys Knight singing "Can't Help But Love Him"

Marvin Winans and Gladys Knight singing "Can't Help But Love Him"

Choir singing "Can't Help But Love Him"

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