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Background Track: "Everyday The Same" by The Winans, Lead Vocal: Carvin Winans; features Stevie Wonder who is playing the harmonica and has a vocal solo; song written by Marvin Winans; song from their album Return
Qwest Records / Warner Brothers
(Released on April 12, 1990)
Executive Producers: Barry Hankerson and Benny Medina
It's Time, Everyday The Same, Don't Leave Me, A Friend, Gonna Be Alright, When You Cry, Together We Stand, This Time It's Personal, Free, Wherever I Go
As earlier Winans albums were groundbreaking by fusing gospel with more R&B harmonies and New Jack Swing beats, their music became more secular in this album especially in the tracks "It's Time", "This Time Is Personal", and "Free". They used the then big New Jack Swing producer Teddy Riley, to help them extend their reach to secular audiences. Doing this was very controversial, with some more conservative groups saying that they were making Gospel music too secular. That was in 1990, when Qwest Records teamed with Warner Brothers as the label for the album Return.

In this album my personal favorites are "It's Time", "Everyday The Same" featuring Stevie Wonder, "Don't Leave Me", "A Friend" featuring Aaron and Damian Hall, "Gonna Be Alright", "Wherever I Go", and "When You Cry" featuring Kenny G.

"It's Time", sung by Marvin, Carvin, Ronald, and Teddy Riley, was very popular and made the Winans name bigger. "It's Time" made #5 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Chart and #42 in Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales.

"Everyday The Same" features a solo and harmonica playing by Stevie Wonder, and is sung by Carvin. It sounds pretty good.

"Dont Leave Me" is a favorite of mine, and is sung by Marvin Winans. It reached #34 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

"A Friend" was also a hit with secular audiences, hitting #11. It features Aaron Hall. - This is a very nice song with a nice beat and I like Carvin's backgrounding at the end.

"Gonna Be Alright" is an inspirational song sung by Ronald and Marvin Winans and has a nice position on the album as it precedes "When You Cry".

The truly inspirational "When You Cry" reached #11 on charts, and is a Winans hit! It features the Smooth falsetto voice of Carvin Winans, with the Beautiful Saxophone of Kenny G! This song is nice! I love the lyrics and I love the harmony between Carvin Winans and the alto sax!

"Together We Stand" is a nice song, with the nice tenor voices of the Winans. The lyrics make a good point, "Together We Stand, Divided We Fall".

"This Time It's Personal" is written by Michael and Regina Winans and it has an urban sound. It sounds pretty nice.

"Free" is written by Lanar Brantley and is one of my favorites on this album because of its upbeat sound and beat.

But the last song, "Wherever I Go" is a moving song, and is like a prayer. Ronald's voice is very nice as he sings this song.

This record was huge hit with secular audiences, topping the charts. In the 1990 Billboard gospel charts it hit #1, on their CCM charts it hit #4, In R&B/hip-hop charts as an album it hit #12. In the Billboard 200, it was reached #90.

Links: It's Time, Everyday The Same, Dont Leave Me, A Friend, Gonna Be Alright, When You Cry, Wherever I Go



Aaron Hall - Vocals (Background)
Barney Perkins - Mixing
Barry Hankerson - Executive Producer, Engineer
Ben Keys - Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Benny Medina - Engineer, Executive Producer
Bernard Belle - Producer
Bernie Grundman - Mastering
Brett Richardson - Assistant Engineer
Carvin Winans - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Dana Davis - Drums
Dave Gorton - Photography
Dave Ward - Synthesizer Pogramming, Engineer, Mixing
Donnie Lyle - Guitar, Guitar (Baritone)
Garzelle McMurray - Assistant Producer, Contractor, Production Assistant
Gene Griffin - Mixing
Gigi Weatherspoon - Production Assistant
Jason Roberts - Engineer, Overdub Engineer
Kenny G. - Saxophone, Soloist
Lanar Brantley - Bass, Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements
Marvin Winans - Keyboards, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mary Ann Dibs - Art Direction, Design
Michael Brown - Overdub Engineer
Michael J. Powell - Arranger, Drums, Guitar, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements, String Arrangements
Michael Williams - Drums, Drums (Snare)
Michael Winans - Vocal Arrangements, Vocals (Background)
Mike Brown - Engineer, Overdub Engineer
Milton Chan - Assistant Engineer
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Ron Winans - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Steven King - Engineer
Stevie Wonder - Harmonica, Vocals
Teddy Riley - Arranger, Producer
The Winans - Assistant Producer, Main Performer, Producer, Vocal Arrangements, Vocals (Background)
Valdez Brantley - Arranger, Drum Programming, Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements
Vernon D. Fails - Arranger, Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements, String Arrangements
Warren Woods - Engineer, Overdub Engineer

The Winans: (L to R) Michael, Carvin, Marvin, Ronald Winans

Photo credit: Mike Jones/courtesy of Qwest/Warner Bros. Records

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