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Background Track: "Count It All Joy" Lead vocal: Marvin Winans; Background vocals include The Winans and BeBe Winans. (track written by Keith Crouch; from The Winans' album Heart & Soul)
Heart & Soul
Qwest/Warner Brothers Records
Released on October 24, 1995
Executive Producers: Quincy Jones and Barry Hankerson
Paradise (featuring Kenny Greene as a background vocal), Heart & Soul, Count It All Joy (featuring BeBe Winans as a background vocal, and others), Smile On Me, Yeah Yeah Yeah (featuring Kirk Whalum on the Saxophone), The Question Is, Please Believe In Me, Universal Love, I Need You, Next To Me, Standing On Promises (featuring Daniel Winans), Prone To Wander


The album's opening track "Paradise", the NICE voices of the Winans captivate the listener. It is a nice song, written and produced by Kenny Greene, and lead by Marvin.


"Heart & Soul" is a beautiful follow-up, with Marvin and Carvin singing, and the beat of the song is nice.


"Count it All Joy" is a favorite of mine, sung by Marvin Winans, and featuring BeBe Winans singing as a background vocal.


"Smile On Me" is a nice, smooth, beautiful song to sit back and listen to. Lead by Marvin and The Winans, it has nice lyrics.


"Yeah Yeah Yeah" is a favorite of mine because of the opening that reminds me of one those big band songs of the 40s, the horns sound pretty nice! I also like how it is lead by each of the Winans, and also the chorus: I love you for all that you are sung by first Michael, then Ronald, Carvin, and Marvin. I like how Kirk Whalum plays the sax in this song.


The remake of "The Question Is" sounds better than the first. There are better sounds and higher recording qualities, and the matured voices of the Winans also sound good. It also has updated lyrics. Whereas the first spoke of Iran, and Russia invading Afghanistan, the new song doesnt speak of the times, but its telling every girl, boy, and man that Jesus is coming soon. The only change that I would made to this song would be opening it the same way as the original with the flute.


"Please Believe In Me" is an upbeat melodious continuation of the song "He Said Go" sung by Ronald in ALL OUT. Ronald does a good job in this song, and the horns are sound NICE! This is one of Ronald's best songs!!!


"Universal Love" has a nice, smooth, jazzy sound. It is, in my opinion, the best sung by Carvin since "When You Cry". It is a beautiful song to sit back and listen to. I also like the lyrics of the song.


"I Need You" is nice, sung by Marvin, and has a nice beat, but I really like the last three songs, Ronald in "Next to Me", Michael and special guest background vocal Daniel Winans in "Standing on Promises", and Carvin in "Prone To Wonder". 

"Next to Me" is a very enjoyable song. Ron Winans sings this song, and it is a favorite of mine that I like to relax to. It was written and produced by Michael and Regina Winans.


"Standing on Promises" is also a favorite of mine and is pleasing to listen to. It is sung by Mike Winans and features guest background vocal Daniel Winans. This track, as its preceding track, was written and produced by Mike and Regina Winans.


"Prone To Wonder"  makes me really wonder what happened to Michael and Ronald and their background parts in this song. This song is a total solo by Carvin until around the last twenty seconds when Marvin sings a reprise.  The music in this song is really light and makes you think, but it is nice to listen to. Overall I like the harmony between Carvin and the music, and I like this song.


This album has been the last original album to date which has released by the Winans. Unlike their albums RETURN and ALL OUT, this album was not very ground-breaking, but it still sounds nice and is filled with beautiful, joyous, and uplifting tracks, that have the Winans' trademark sound. This album has also reached #3 in Billboard's top Gospel Albums.



All Credits:

Alvin Parker - Organ
Benjamin Winans - Producer
Carvin Winans - Vocals
Cedric Caldwell - Engineer, Multi Instruments, Producer
Derrick Edmondson - Saxophone
Erik Zobler - Engineer
Eugene Lo - Engineer
Fred Washington - Guitar (Bass)
George Duke - Keyboards, Producer
Harvey Mason, Sr. - Drums
J. Dibbs - Producer
Jimmy Abney - Handclapping, Producer
Johnny Britt - Trumpet
Keith Crouch - Engineer, Handclapping, Multi Instruments, Producer
Kevin Eubanks - Guitar (Acoustic)
Kipper Jones - Vocals (Background)
Kirk Whalum - Saxophone
Marc Harris - Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Producer
Mark Herman - Engineer
Marva King - Vocals (Background)
Marvin Winans - Producer, Vocals
Michael Hamilton - Horn
Pete Diorio - Engineer
Ray Fuller - Guitar (Electric)
Ron Winans - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Roy Dog Pennon - Handclapping
Sekou Bunch - Guitar (Bass)
Sherree Ford-Payne - Vocals (Background)
Steve Harvey - Keyboards, Producer
The Winans - Main Performer, Vocals (Background)
Victor Caldwell - Engineer, Multi Instruments, Producer

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