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The Winans: Return: Live In Concert

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Title Screen: Return Video

Background Track: "The Opener" by The Winans; lead vocal: Marvin Winans (written by Marvin Winans; from their Return: Live In Concert video; originally featured on their album Live At Carnegie Hall (copyrighted/produced by Selah Records, 1990)). Due to technical difficulties, the Sound Quality on the background track is worse than the actual "Return: Live In Concert" video.
Video: Return... Live In Concert 
Selah Records (1990)
Right, Left In A Wrong World
A Friend (featuring Aaron Hall and Damion Hall)
Uphold Me
Gonna Be Alright
The Opener from Live At Carnegie Hall
When You Cry
Ain't No Need To Worry
Don't Leave Me / Restoration
Wherever I Go
I'll Follow Where You Lead
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
It's Time (featuring Teddy Riley)


        I like this video! This concert is shot at the Apollo Theater in New York.  The Winans open with an nice sounding upbeat version of their song "Right, Left In A Wrong World". THIS SONG WILL HAVE WINANS FANS JAMMING!!!
         The second song that they sing is  "A Friend" which features brothers Aaron and Damion Hall (both of the group Guy - which also includes Teddy Riley who appears on this video as well). As they sing this song, Marvin and Aaron Hall go out into the audience and sing with what seems to be Angie Winans. This song sounds nice.
         After "A Friend", Ron Winans nicely sings a "Uphold Me", followed by "Gonna Be Alright" sung by Ronald and Marvin Winans.
         After "Gonna Be Alright", Marvin Winans sings The Opener which was featured on Live At Carnegie Hall, which serves as a prelude this time to "When You Cry", sung by Carvin Winans, who has made a wardrobe change, who sings "When You Cry", and eventually is joined by the rest of the Winans. "When You Cry" later transitions into a nice version of "Ain't No Need To Worry", which Marvin and Carvin Winans leading the song (Carvin Winans being only a lead singer singing the part of Anita Baker for one line; this version of the song is similar to that featured on Live At Carnegie Hall). The Winans' harmony and Lafayette Carthon, Jr.'s playing make this song sound nice.
          One of the highllights of the Winans' performance is "Don't Leave Me", I like the Winans' backgrounding (or attempted backgrounding...). This song is also nice because it fuses Don't Leave Me with another Winans' favorite, "Restoration". The Winans even did the same dance that they did when they sung it on their Live In Concert video.
          After Marvin Winans forces an ending of Restoration, Ron Winans leads "Wherever I Go", which transitions into "I'll Follow Where You Lead" lead consecutively by Michael, Carvin, and Marvin Winans, and The Winans later sing "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms".
          The Winans virtually cut up on the last song on this video, "It's Time".  Teddy Riley is featured on this track and sings with The Winans. 
This is a very nice recording. It's too bad that it wasn't made into an album like Live At Carnegie Hall.

All Pictures retrieved from The Winans: Return Live In Concert Video
1990 Selah Records

The Winans Return Video
The Winans singing and dancing to "Right Left In A Wrong World" while their names appear in captions

Teddy Riley rapping/singing "It's Time"

The Winans singing "A Friend" with Aaron and Damion Hall

The Winans singing "A Friend"

Marvin Winans, Angie Winans, and Aaron Hall singing in the audience

The Winans singing "Right Left In A Wrong World"

George Bell, Jr. on the guitar during "Right Left In A Wrong World"

Damion Hall (standing), Aaron Hall, and his baby daughter jamming in the audience during "It's Time"

The Winans and Teddy Riley singing "It's Time"

The Musicians

Steven Ford, Musical Director/Keyboards

Percy Bady, Synthesizers

George Bell, Jr., Lead Guitar

Lanar "Kern" Brantley, Bass/Bass Synthesizer

Lafayette Carthon, Jr., Piano

Dana Davis, Drums

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